Angel Fields

Meet the Founder

Angel S. Fields, Principal and Founder of thinkBIG Innovative Design & Marketing, LLC (thinkBIG Marketing) and Realtor Branders

Angel Fields, marketing and branding expert, is the owner of thinkBIG Innovative Design and Marketing (thinkBIG Marketing) and Realtor Branders. Angel has been at the forefront in developing winning solutions to increase profitability and product/service penetration for her clients. Her strength is in creating simple solutions for complicated problems. With her team she has partnered with startup firms that have grown into multimillion dollar companies. As of 2013, combined Angel’s companies have generated nearly a million dollars in revenue and successfully partnered with over 500 companies around the world.

Prior to starting her own firm, Angel worked for AIG and Allianz family of companies. During her nearly 10-year tenure at Allianz, Angel quickly established herself as a marketing and branding expert. As a result of her winning marketing ideas, ability to develop and execute multi-million dollar sales efforts, she became the Chief Marketing Officer for Roster Financial, a leading Allianz subsidiary located in Voorhees, New Jersey. At Roster, her very first marketing campaign, re-affirmed her ability to deliver extraordinary results. A promotion that ran for 45-days delivered a third of the entire year’s revenue. She developed a lead generation platform that generated over 2,000 new clients and $250-million dollars in new premium. Angel’s successes sky rocketed year after year with her final year achieving a 100% ROI and nearly $1-billion dollars in total sales. Many of the sales campaigns and marketing platforms Angel developed are still actively used within Roster Financial today.

With her experience from Allianz, Angel developed her vision for the “virtual marketing department” which would become the basis for forming thinkBIG Marketing. thinkBIG Marketing’s philosophy is simple: Allow small to medium size companies access to a virtual marketing department’s expertise and gain access to the infrastructure needed to get their marketing done without adding headcount or overhead. It’s like “renting a CMO + Marketing Department” for whatever your needs are. It can be for a single project, like web development or branding to hiring us as your in-house marketing team. Our virtual marketing department has the expertise and staff to handle any job BIG or small … we help brand businesses and find new clients.

In 2013, at the request of a client, Angel developed an online survey that encourages positive feedback to be posted on social networking sites. This simple tool created a buzz within the real estate marketplace and as a result Angel started Realtor Branders. Realtor Branders is a real estate marketing and branding company with a single focus on top producing Real Estate Agents. She is excited about the real estate marketing tools that are currently in development. She sees incredible growth potential for her existing 1000+ real estate agent clients and for those that are yet to partner with her.

In a recent interview, Angel stated, “My #1 goal is to brand the world one client at a time!” Angel attended the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities where she majored in Marketing, minored in Business Management with an emphasis in Communication and Finance.

“Our goal is to help top producing real estate agents develop a profitable business and provide them with a strong ROI.” Henry Barefield, President and COO.“It’s our belief that with the right team supporting you, anything is possible.” Jacci Miller,Marketing Director

“We want to work with clients who are of like mind… dreamBIG…thinkBIG… expectBIG!” Aarti Rao, Creative Director