The Art of Building Your Brand

The Art of Building Your Brand

Most small business owners think of their brand in a limited way. To them, it’s just a thing, a logo or a website. But it also includes what other people perceive it to be. It’s a feeling that connects customers and clients to your company.

Having a brand can be expensive to create and build. You need to shape, protect and project the brand to build loyalty among those who know it and draw in those who don’t.

As United Airlines is finding out, a brand can be a fragile thing as well. One incident can almost instantly undo all the work you’ve to build your reputation.

Your brand is an investment you want to protect. It doesn’t take many bad online reviews to cause doubt among your prospects. Check

When customers do a search on Google revised appear on top. So if they do a search for a service like yours and the first thing that pops up is a rant from a past unhappy customer your attractiveness diminishes. It doesn’t matter if that is the only complaint you’ve had in years. It’s a black mark that will keep showing up.

When I started thinkBIG Marketing in 2009, helping clients build their brands was a critical part of what we did, along with marketing support for design, web development and general marketing services, see wunder mold. That and helping them find new clients and grow revenue.

Our brand building process begins with one-on-one sessions between me and a client to discover how customers feel about the company and its brand.


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