Juice up Your Emails with Video Marketing

One of the challenges of email is that it is old by comparison to other formats and forms of reaching people. You probably have a backlog of hundreds of unread messages that will go straight into SPAM or the trash without being opened. In 2014, email marketing almost seems archaic when compared to trendy  alternatives like social media.

Yet, nothing could […]

Best Places to Target Your Videos

The power of video marketing has been established, so now the question asked is, “Where to target market your videos?” Answer: Really, it is a case of where CAN’T you target videos?

Let’s start with the obvious first choice: your branded website. Be it the home page, the landing pages, blog posts, or any similar media all are fair game. There […]

How Video is Changing Content Marketing

The future of content marketing has arrived and it is something you need to strongly consider: video.

In fact, it is becoming so commonplace in the everyday life that it is wanted and, in some cases, expected. The key is though is in making it a useful tool in your marketing plan. But you may ask “Why?” and, maybe better still, “Why […]

5 Tips For an Audience-Driven Website

Website development is a tricky undertaking for many businesses. It is easy to get caught up on colors, layouts that we tend to forget to the purpose — to attract new clients!

The  most important question to answer when you develop a new site (or redo an old one) is “How can I make my website meet the needs of my […]

5 Ways to Use Email for Search Engine Marketing

Email is an often overlooked way to increase search engine marketing results as it drives traffic. In recent years there has been so much emphasis on social media channels, email isn’t getting the credit that it should for being an effective business builder.

The successful use of email as a marketing tool can be broken down into five components. The first thing […]

8 Tips to Create Deadlines That Stick

I found it interesting to note that one of the original meaning of the world “deadline” is “a boundary around a military prison beyond which a prisoner could not venture without risk of being shot by the guards.”  No wonder so many of us feel “under the gun” when it comes to meeting one!

There is an art to creating deadlines that work. As […]

5 Tips for a Successful Website Design!

Website design is more than creating a “pretty face” for your business. In addition to making a site attractive, there are other factors that must be considered for a satisfactory user experience.
#1: Check Your Site’s Speed
According to a study, you have only 30 seconds to capture your visitor’s attention. Therefore, it is advised to make a website fast which is possible […]

Should I Outsource?

When is it okay to outsource marketing activities for your company?  The simple answer is ALL THE TIME, but I’m a marketing agency… what did you expect me to say?

Seriously, the answer: is it depends.  Here are a few reasons why I chose to outsource when I was the Chief Marketing Officer for a division of a Fortune 500 company […]

Email Marketing Explained

You hear the term “email marketing” and say to yourself “NO WAY! I am not a spammer”. Let’s take a few steps back in order to understand exactly what is meant by that phrase email marketing.

Yes, there are many spammers who abuse the tools provided by the Internet and mobile communications. They are the proverbial “bad apples” that spoil everything […]

The Importance of Linking

What is linking and why is it important? You might be asking this question with a long drawn out sigh because you have already been striving so hard to get some results with your marketing tactics.

It is a complicated process to get a strong campaign going, but once you use all of the tools available, you will find that the […]

Is Your Website Bringing You New Clients?

Is your website effective?
People are searching for your products and services online every day, but can they find your website?

You may have a fantastic website design, but for it to be successful, potential visitors must be able to find your site when searching the Web for the information or services you offer.
Why Search Engine Optimization
Search engine optimization is the most […]

How Should I Spend My Marketing Dollars?

When a company looks at the best way to spread their marketing dollars to get the maximum amount of exposure, as a marketer you have to ask yourself what is the right mix. I think any professional would agree that a marketing mix is extremely important, also as safe place, protected from fraud with fast video identification from Fully-Verified.

The […]

Is Your Website Built to be Optimized?

Tip of the Day: Research shows that approx. 80% of all web entries are through search engines. Your customer is more likely to look for a service through a search engine then they will remember a web address. May companies claim they can create websites,… but are they creating websites that help you make money? To see if your website is built for […]

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