Customer Feedback Builds Your Brand

One thing I love about being in a consultative business is that there are always new ideas to explore. For example, in 2013, at the request of one client, I developed an automated online survey program called thinkReputation. It allows companies to solicit feedback from their customers and then automatically share that feedback on social media and across the internet.

There […]

Best Places to Target Your Videos

The power of video marketing has been established, so now the question asked is, “Where to target market your videos?” Answer: Really, it is a case of where CAN’T you target videos?

Let’s start with the obvious first choice: your branded website. Be it the home page, the landing pages, blog posts, or any similar media all are fair game. There […]

5 Tips For an Audience-Driven Website

Website development is a tricky undertaking for many businesses. It is easy to get caught up on colors, layouts that we tend to forget to the purpose — to attract new clients!

The  most important question to answer when you develop a new site (or redo an old one) is “How can I make my website meet the needs of my […]

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