Is Your Website Bringing You New Clients?

Is your website effective?
People are searching for your products and services online every day, but can they find your website?

You may have a fantastic website design, but for it to be successful, potential visitors must be able to find your site when searching the Web for the information or services you offer.
Why Search Engine Optimization
Search engine optimization is the most […]

How Should I Spend My Marketing Dollars?

When a company looks at the best way to spread their marketing dollars to get the maximum amount of exposure, as a marketer you have to ask yourself what is the right mix. I think any professional would agree that a marketing mix is extremely important, also as safe place, protected from fraud with fast video identification from Fully-Verified.

The marketing […]

Is Your Website Built to be Optimized?

Tip of the Day: Research shows that approx. 80% of all web entries are through search engines. Your customer is more likely to look for a service through a search engine then they will remember a web address. May companies claim they can create websites,… but are they creating websites that help you make money? To see if your website is built for […]

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