10 Things You Should Expect From Your Website Copywriter

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As websites and electronic commerce are becoming more and more common, business owners and marketing managers are realising that quality web copy is every bit as important as impressive design. And with the ever increasing importance of search engine presence, the role of web copy has never been more critical.

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As websites […]

Simple, Effective Small Business Website Tips


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When you are a small business looking to create a space online (and it’s not your area of expertise), in many cases, less is more. Keep your website simple with only needed information that will not appear outdated or have one functional area that can feature updated items. Often people fail to realize the dedication and time it […]

The Art of Building Your Brand

Most small business owners think of their brand in a limited way. To them, it’s just a thing, a logo or a website. But it also includes what other people perceive it to be. It’s a feeling that connects customers and clients to your company.

Having a brand can be expensive to create and build. You need to shape, protect and […]

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