Customer Feedback Builds Your Brand

Customer Feedback Builds Your Brand

One thing I love about being in a consultative business is that there are always new ideas to explore. For example, in 2013, at the request of one client, I developed an automated online survey program called thinkReputation. It allows companies to solicit feedback from their customers and then automatically share that feedback on social media and across the internet.

There is nothing new about customers complaining. In the not too distant past people complained over the phone or backyard fences to friends and neighbors.

Now with countless review sites online, such as Yelp, complaints can be magnified. Now when you Google a company you see what comments from customers right up there with a link to website.

Bad reviews affect how people view you. Remember that people can buy services from a variety of sources. What they think of you and your reputation can affect that. And your reputation is part of your brand.

Rather than hope you won’t be attacked online, you should take control and be proactive in shaping your online reputation. You do that by creating opportunities for your customers to provide feedback with home cleaning berkley . You shape your reputation based on what you do with this information.
If you make a practice of surveying customers, you give them an opportunity to first complain to you, which means they are less likely to turn to social media. It depressurizes the moment.

Taking charge this way can help you reduce the number of bad reviews by 50 percent. That’s a good thing.

You also need to take charge of the positive responses, too.  If Sally hires you for a project and you do a good job for her, she’ll tell all her friends. Don’t just hope she’ll share her tale of satisfaction, come right out and ask her to share health thorough fare.

Managing surveying and responses has to be done consistently. ThinkReputation is programmed to send out surveys, capture feedback and post positive results online CSGO gambling


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