Email Marketing Explained

Email Marketing Explained

Email marketingYou hear the term “email marketing” and say to yourself “NO WAY! I am not a spammer”. Let’s take a few steps back in order to understand exactly what is meant by that phrase email marketing.

Yes, there are many spammers who abuse the tools provided by the Internet and mobile communications. They are the proverbial “bad apples” that spoil everything for the rest of us.

These are the people who bombard their lists of email contacts with one or more messages each day. These are low quality tactics that are often meant to just grab whomever they can and without any thought about developing a strong client base.

The Real Use of Email Marketing

Using email to market your business or service is a very good idea because it is going to always be one of the most cost effective ways of remaining consistently connection with clients or possible clients.

For example, you make some marketing plans. Whether these involved buying an email list or simply working to begin developing a list of possible customers is unimportant. What matters is the way you intend to develop a relationship with them. Yes, it is a two way street and you do have to take pains to ensure that you are not just trying to take something from them without giving back in return.

Here is what we mean: a good email marketing campaign is going to be part of a broader strategy. You may use emails to direct clients to a landing page (through an embedded URL in the message) or you can use the email to alert them to the service, product, sale, etc. The email message should never be loaded with pushy sales jargon, sloppy sales tactics, distracting graphics, etc.

A Solid Illustration

Let’s say that you have a website that is selling electronic books about natural medical treatments. You have a list of possible clients that includes mailing addresses and email contacts. You also have social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, and you host a blog for promotional and marketing purposes. If you are adding email marketing to this array, you need to make your efforts:

  • Cohesive – This means that everything spins together nicely without taking visitors on a loop of sites that gives them no further information. For instance, you want the link at the social media sites, the blog, and the email to all head to the appropriate landing page for the subject matter. Learn this here now.
  • Productive – If the use of email marketing is to be cost effective, it has to also be productive. This does not mean that you push for the sale each time, however, because your initial goal may be to simply harvest contact information. This means that you have to spend a lot of time thinking about and planning the best approaches to use in order to get a visitor to “convert”.
  • Clear – What do you want the visitor to do? Supply an email? Sign up for a newsletter? Buy something? Whatever it is that you are seeking, don’t be vague about it, and make it easy for them to do.

The Relation to Emails

By now, you are understanding that email marketing is a way of directly contacting a potential client, and one that is super cost effective because it makes no immediate financial demands in the ways that paid advertising might.

It is also a way of communicating completely with a client, and even keeping your message directly in front of them when it is incorporated into a full marketing campaign. You have also come to understand that email marketing is a good way of taking visitors to your website or landing pages.

Now, you should also understand that email marketing needs to be analyzed. You can do this in many ways – including purchased computer programs and Google Analytics The challenge here is that it is not always easy to understand how to use the data. For example, you see that your marketing tactics have generated sales…where are the buyers coming from? Is it the landing page that is provided in the email? Is the traffic coming from the blog?

What do you do with that data? This is where a lot of marketing campaigns lose their steam because they are not sure about optimization using the data.

This is a time when consultation and teamwork with a knowledgeable firm is a good idea. The site is a strong resource for such times because it will help you develop campaigns, track results, and then use the information effectively. Why wait to leverage the data? You can start improving email campaigns today!

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