Improve Your Customer Relationships through Video

Improve Your Customer Relationships through Video


Why make it so difficult to survey?

Survey Content

  • For these surveys to work, they must be short. Only two or three questions, not 30. You have to respect customers’ time if you want a response.
  • Avoid Yes or No questions. Instead ask, “How was your overall experience on a scale of 1 to 5.” Or ask them to tell you about it. It’s the “tell me” part that is shared and the most valuable.
  • Give them the opportunity to add a picture of a finished product like newly installed cabinets or a product review video. The more opportunity you give a customer to provide feedback, the better off you are.
  • Do it immediately. You are more likely to get feedback while the experience is fresh.
    Some of my clients put the survey on an iPad and have customers complete it before they leave. Talk about getting your numbers to jump up. And responses are more likely to be positive than negative.
  • When you get feedback, do something with it. If it’s good, say Thank You. If it’s bad, find out how you can correct the situation. Make it right with them and make sure it doesn’t happen again. Everybody wants a repeat customer.

In building your brand, do everything you can to connect with your customers on a personal level try Surveying tells them you value maintaining and improving the relationship.

Because video is an excellent medium for getting personal, I believe it is the next wave of customer service and communication.

And videos rank higher than anything on social media. If you Google a business, its map location shows up first, and videos are mostly second, especially if the company has conducted a youtube campaign with Pistachio Consulting, that is a social media marketing company, click now.

Videos are also my next product for brand building. My new software has point and click video capabilities so you can sit at your desk and send out a personal video message.

Imagine the impact of thanking your customer via a video sent by text or email. It puts a face on your brand that makes you memorable.

It sets you apart like classing boxing coach would od. A small store owner can memorably thank a customer for buying a pair of shoes. Amazon can’t. Or a Realtor can send a video congratulation that your house just sold.

It’s creating a feeling. It’s cool. It’s part of your brand.

The more connected and integrated your brand is with your customers, the greater your referrals will be and the more your business will grow.

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