Is Your Website Bringing You New Clients?

Is Your Website Bringing You New Clients?

Is your website effective?

People are searching for your products and services online every day, but can they find your website?

You may have a fantastic website design, but for it to be successful, potential visitors must be able to find your site when searching the Web for the information or services you offer.

Why Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is the most economical way to improve organic search engine performance and increase your website traffic. At thinkBIG, our internet specialists can increase your website’s organic ranking in the major search engines through comprehensive analysis and proven optimization strategies.

thinkBIG can help you:

  • Get indexed by popular search engines for keyword phrases that best describe your products and services
  • Improve rankings for selected keyword phrases to improve your chances of being found by prospective clients or members
  • Boost traffic to your website through organic search engine listings through careful keyword selection and improved search engine rankings
  • Track changes in your search engine rankings and website traffic to evaluate the effectiveness of search engine optimization

How does it work?

  1. Research – When it comes to Search Engine Marketing, content is king. We perform careful and thorough research of your market and competition to help determine which keywords will help drive qualified traffic to your website. We then choose select impactful keyword phrases that best describe your products and services and offer the best chances of getting your site top placement in major search engines.
  2. Website Analysis & SEO Implementation – thinkBIG strategically places keyword phrases on your web pages by adding them to the visible text, title tags, Meta tags and alt tags to influence search engine listings.
  3. Reporting – We run routine search engine ranking reports to evaluate the effectiveness of your SEO platforms through changes in your website rankings in popular search engines, look maid easy az.
  4. Pay-Per-Click campaigns, linking campaigns and more – thinkBIG will work with you to develop a comprehensive search engine platform using a variety of tools from optimized press releases to link campaigns and pay-per-click management – all designed to drive targeted traffic and improve organic search engine results.

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