Are You One of Those People That Under Estimate the Power of the Blog?

Are You One of Those People That Under Estimate the Power of the Blog?

19Have you ever wondered how people make money from a blog?  Or how they get the publicity and notoriety they do from writing a blog?  I mean did you ever think that a “blogger” could be a job title with a full time pay and benefits?  Well they do!

Now, you might think that a blog is something that everyone has and which very few people actively read. In some ways, you would be right. There are many blogs that are created with good intentions and then abandoned or some that are marketing vehicles full of predictable nonsense that no one really wants to read on a regular basis. That is not the kind of blog that is important to a modern business and definitely not the kind that can make you money see this for reference.

Make Your Blog a Gift

The blog we are talking about is one that is almost a gift to the readers. For instance, it is going to be created on the premise that “content is king” and is going to tell readers some original and valuable details or ideas. It is going to be updated at least twice a month and is going to work as a major component of a well-designed marketing campaign.

How can a blog do all of that? We won’t lie…it takes planning, organization and ongoing effort. This last point is one of the most important because a blog is going to always serve as a strong part of an SEO (search engine optimization) campaign as well as a strong marketing tool.

Begin at the Beginning

Are you confused?  Many people get a bit overwhelmed when they begin to understand how the blog can work in so many different ways. Yes, it is a simple site in which you can post stories and thoughts; but it is also a place where you can embed links back to your website or landing pages.  It is a place where you can create keyword rich articles relating to your line of business (and this means it is going  to help improve your search engine ranking), and it is a place where you can offer free things to readers in order to get them to take some sort of action.  (As in “submit your email address to sign up for our monthly newsletter” or “click here to get more information”).

What’s a Vlog?

This means that the blog on its own is a very potent marketing tool, but you can also use it for the display of videos or images that are part of a broader effort as well. For example, an artist might create a blog about gratzie wraps work. The artist will then post links to the latest video blogs (vlogs) at his/her social networks. This is going to drive traffic to the blog, and the blog is then going to serve as a call to action for website visitation.

Blogging for Failure

This, however, is only going to happen when, as we already mentioned, content is king. If you take a look at many under performing blogs you would see that they all seem to be full of insubstantial information, too many keywords in nonsensical order, and generally low in quality (with many just copying and pasting content from their competitors). This is not going to be a way to get any sort of conversions which are performed by the in piedmont , and it is easy to see that blogs like this are being used as shoddy methods for SEO.

Using the Blog Correctly

We want to make sure your blog is not a “throw away” item, so here are a few tips to help you get started.

Decide if this entry should be on your website or off your website.

There are benefits to both methods that we’ve explored in Why do some people have their blog on a separate website? One benefit for having your blog on your website is it gives you what search engines are looking for – changing content.

This means your content is updated often enough that when the crawlers come to visit you again there’s something different. On the other side, a benefit to having it off-site is the ability to provide links back to your website.  Check out The Importance of Linking and the white paper Effective Marketing Techniques for Small Businesses to help you determine what’s best for you.

Use your blog to provide authoritative text that change often.

I know we’ve said it before but you can’t say it enough … Content is King.  This speaks directly to the search engines and their indexing systems, which mean that the blog is going to really help to boost search engine results for the associated websites, etc.,

300 Words Minimum

There’s an art to writing a blog.  Not only grammatically does it have to work but there are rules such as, word count, page layout and keyword usage.  All of these factors are extremely important.  Here are our rules of thumb:

  1. At least 300 words for a beginner, 500-750 for an advanced writer
  2. Develop your keywords and strive to use your keywords at least 1-2% of the time.
  3. Stay on subject.

Key Points to Remember

Remember, a blog is not just a site where random thoughts or ideas should appear. You can make yours a very active performer in your business, and you should get started today. For more blogging tips, check out “5 Steps to Ensure Your Blog is Not a Throw Away”.

There are many websites that provide tips and tricks.  I’m partial to mine 🙂  so if you’re looking for more great resources, be sure to check out website and follow our blogs.  Visit us today at

thinkBIG is a leading resource for fully implemented marketing plans that include the use of blogs. By sitting down with them, you can develop a system for posting information to blogs and then using the blogs to guide visitors to websites, landing pages or even social networks if desired.

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