The Importance of Linking

The Importance of Linking

the importance of social linkingWhat is linking and why is it important? You might be asking this question with a long drawn out sigh because you have already been striving so hard to get some results with your marketing tactics.

It is a complicated process to get a strong campaign going, but once you use all of the tools available, you will find that the results are more than satisfying. Linking is one of the tools that you need to put to use, and so we’ll focus on it for a while.

Linking, in the most simplified explanation possible, is the process by which you embed a URL in an online text and send readers to a very specific location when they click it. For example, you create an email advertisement that takes recipients to your landing page when they click the URL in the text. The analytics program that you use will allow you to see the effectiveness of the link and email blast, and will let you understand if certain keywords or terms are effective too.

This sort of “link”, however, is not the only thing available in the world of online marketing. There are also the links that give a website “authority”. This is an issue that is getting more and more complicated each year, but is well worth spending the time to understand clearly.

Authority 101

So, you are an expert in organic gardening. You have a website that offers up your services to the local area. You write monthly blogs about relevant subjects, post videos to it about organic techniques and materials, comment in your social media pages about the blogs, and you use all kinds of advertising tactics to funnel visitors to your website. There they can buy books, schedule a meeting with you, or even hire you to do some work.

Sounds like you are a real authority doesn’t it? The thing is that the Internet and the world’s leading search engines may not think you have any authority at all, even in the local area in which you work. Why not? Because there are not enough “indicators” pointing back to your site as an authority on your subject.

Hold on, you might rightly shriek, but I paid for good keyword ads and do all of the things I am supposed to do for a good website!

Yes, that is probably true, but you have to understand that the search engine algorithms (the mathematical equations used to determine the order of all searches) keep changing, and they now want to see a lot of valid links pointing or directing back to your site. The engines all view this as a way of saying that the site and the content is accurate and authoritative because so many outside sources are referring to it through link backs.

Linking Strategies

Now, you don’t have to wait around for your current readers to begin sharing, liking, and reposting your materials in order to get those links. You can use things like article directories, comments posted to related blogs or websites, social media tactics, and other methods to begin building valid links back to your primary website.

Let’s start home cleaning lake barrington services with the articles. These are things that you could write on a regular basis, such as every other month. This would allow you to embed your information (including the URL to the website) into the text. Each time someone used the content from the directory it would create a link back to your site. Because your readers are going to be interested in the things relating to your subject (organic gardening for our example), the search engines are going to view your content as relevant and authoritative.

The great thing is that the indexes can now recognize instances of copying and pasting, and actually punish people who steal content. You get to enjoy all of the benefits of the originator – meaning more links!

So, you have interesting articles available and you post them to directories…can you do something else with them? Sure, you can turn them into blogs at your site and allow readers to begin spreading out links through that as well. Why not use the materials in a newsletter? You can also tag articles in your social media sites, make videos to go along with them, and improve your chances for even more links.

If you think that this is way beyond your abilities, you don’t have to throw your hands up in frustration. This is because firms such as thinkBIG can help you to develop comprehensive marketing campaigns with link building as a focal point too!

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thinkBIG is a leading resource for fully implemented marketing plans that include the use of blogs. By sitting down with them, you can develop a system for posting information to blogs and then using the blogs to guide visitors to websites, landing pages or even social networks if desired. Visit us at or contact owner, Angel Fields, at angelfields {at]

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