thinkReputation Helps Build Your Brand

thinkReputation Helps Build Your Brand

With client input, I prepare electronic surveys that can be sent out after certain events. It could be related to a completed sale or an encounter with support staff or whatever is a touch point with a customer.

Returned surveys are read by the software, which is intuitive enough to recognize the difference between a good and bad review.

Negative reviews come directly to my clients so they can learn, grow, improve and more quickly respond.

The positive reviews, however, are automatically blasted to the whole online world. In particular, to their customer’s Facebook page, Twitter, Google+, websites and numerous social media platforms.

Since all social media is searchable, when anyone starts looking online, my client’s positive reviews are easily found.

Taking charge of your reputation ensures there will always be some good reviews to help balance things out and tell a more complete story. Check this What Is The Future Of A Freelancing Profession? British Essay Writers Blog

The statistics I track show that 50 percent of customer are going to reply to a given survey created by us. Of those, 90 percent are going to share positive feedback. Find commercial disinfection services in charlotte website here.

If you have 100 customers, 50 will reply and 45 of those will be positive reviews that ought to be shared online. There is power in that.

If you share the good things you’re doing, then your next client becomes your best client. Their positive response to your survey will end up online where their friends will see it.

It’s a great way to have your brand introduced and endorsed. This is how I grew my business to 3,000 customers – the power of referrals.

Over the years, one of my clients has posted between 200 and 300 reviews. After every transaction, she sends out a survey and asks for feedback.

Prior to using ThinkReputation, she sent them out in the mail. Eventually she would find the time to type them up and post on the website. Now it all happens instantly. Check out how to find key cutting dublin city near me.

A surprising number of businesses have reviews, but don’t do anything with them. They get busy and it falls to bottom of the list.

A doctor’s office I’m familiar with sends an appointment reminder by text, yet they send a snail-mail letter and invite them to visit their website and take the online survey.

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