Use Video to Build Goodwill with Clients

Use Video to Build Goodwill with Clients

Create happy customers using videoEmail networks have been around since 1971 so for a large number of people it is a standard that is more acceptable than the U.S. Postal Services for messages and greetings. Email of late has become more sophisticated but is still basically text messages and/or clip art to convey a message. This is nothing new or surprising — until now!

The emerging popularity of video it only makes since to marriage the two together to enhance the message-sending medium. Moreover, a short video can convey that personalized feeling that text still lacks when going from business-to-client. There are few things can say, “Hey, you’re important to me” than a personalized video to a client or potential customer in this day and age of decreasing attention spans and time-crunches.

Think about it. With what we are learning about video, the medium is a means that few people ignore. The “click ‘n’ play” of a YouTube video or even one embedded by a friend in Facebook is too hard to ignore. And as the previous series has shown, people are NOT ignoring video at all. In fact, it is being embraced nearly universally. Keep in mind that 64% of users are more likely to buy a product online after watching a video (CampaignMonitor) so it make sense to use a video to retain a client or subscriber as well using it within an email.

For example, you have a client that you want to say, “Thank you” to or give a greeting on a special day. A short video card of you saying this with balloons or some decorations in the background may go much further than a standard text email with clip art. It is something that is personalized and emphasizes how much you care about the client’s business since they know you took the time to make it yourself. Visit

Take it from another point of view. Let’s say you have a customer who is happy about your service or product. A video testimonial of that customer could be included in your email to other new potential customers who could respond favorably to a genuine person(s) like themselves speaking positively about your product. It could be the hook that your business needs to help increase your sales and productivity in the months to come. And as already noted, people rarely do not resist the opportunity to “click ‘n’ play” a video when offered. Check

Another idea on a familiar medium is to you template video to inform your clients of any new products or services they may be interested in. You would not have to use the client’s name but you could do a short video about a new product or service you are coming out with or an upgrade they may be interested in purchasing in the days to come. Or take it from another tack, specials and discounts that they may be interested in taking advantage of in the coming weeks to save them some money on products they normally order from you.

The idea is that with a video you have a very strong chance of getting this client’s attention and they will probably pass it on to others who could become your potential customers too.

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